HPG-Msuite, the methylation analysis ultimate tools suite

HPG-Msuite is a powerful and friendly tool kit for DNA methylation analysis and DMR detection.

This suite contains tools that help you in all the steps of the process:

Although we highly recommend the use of the HPG-Msuite for DNA methylation analysis and DMR identification, any of the tools included in this suite can be used separately.

How to install the tools in this suite

The most appropriate way of installing the HPG-Msuite is to follow the next steps:

At this point, it is possible to do the first two steps in DNA methylation analysis: Alignment of the FASTQ files and mapping the BAM files into a CSV file for each chromosome. So, a bunch of files, ordered by sample, chromosome and strand are obtained.

If your computer includes an NVidia device with a Kepler (or later) microarchitecture or a computing capability (version) 3.5 or higher, then it is possible to quickly identify DMRs:

At this point, you can enjoy the full capabilities of HPG-Msuite.